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    P:Oral rehydration salts, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, children taking which is better?(2020/7/7 15:24:32)

    Diarrhea caused by mild, moderate dehydration, recommend the use of oral rehydration salts Ⅲ.

    Compared with the former two generations of oral rehydration salts, oral rehydration salt (Ⅲ) is a new generation of low permeability rehydration salts, not only avoid the traditional rehydration salts of the large intestine hypertonic dehydration, and can promote the reabsorption of water and inorganic salt, correct the diarrhea caused by mild-to-moderate dehydration, reducing frequency of vomiting, decrease defecation, diarrhea frequency and duration of diarrhoea, shorten the course of the disease, diarrhea with rehydration and dual efficacy of diarrhoea.

    Moreover, the sodium concentration is low, and the liquid osmotic pressure is lower than the plasma osmotic pressure, which reduces the incidence of hypernatremia and the content of sodium and glucose, making the taste more delicate. It is safer and more compliant for children.

    P:Oral rehydration salts (Ⅲ) once opened be affected with damp, still can use?(2020/7/7 15:21:31)

    Oral rehydration salts (III) need to be kept sealed to prevent oxidation and delirium from contact with air and water vapor. If the drug is wet, it is not recommended to take it again, so as not to reduce the effect of the treatment effect.

    Oral rehydration salt (III) is the formulation of hypotonic ORS published by WHO. By adjusting the balance of intestinal water and electrolyte metabolism, rehydration and diarrhea can reduce the number and quantity of diarrhea and shorten the course of the disease. It is suitable for diarrhea patients of all ages and various causes including cholera.

    P:Pregnant women can drink oral rehydration salt (Ⅲ)?(2020/7/7 15:17:10)

    Pregnant female friends may have diarrhea, pregnant women need careful use of the drug, whether pregnant women can drink oral rehydration salt (Ⅲ)?

    Oral rehydration salt (Ⅲ) can prevent and treat diarrhea caused by mild-to-moderate dehydration, regulating electrolyte balance, correct acidosis, and can reduce the number of diarrhea.

    It is recommended by the World Health Organization as the most effective and safe way to treat diarrhea. Women during pregnancy can also use this product, but try to consult your doctor before using it.

    P:Drink oral rehydration salt (Ⅲ) will have adverse reactions to occur?(2020/7/7 15:17:10)

    From the perspective of clinical reaction, the side effects of oral rehydration salts (III) in patients are not significant, with occasional nausea and vomiting, which are mostly mild, usually occurring at the beginning of taking. At this time, patients can take small amounts of oral rehydration salts (III) in installments, and there may be excessive water, which is usually stopped when the drug is stopped.

    Suggestions: Patients taking oral rehydration salts (III) should pay attention to:

    (1) It is contraindicated in patients with oliguria or anuria, and intravenous fluids should be given when severe water loss or signs of shock occur;

    (2) Children should not eat more flatulent food such as soy and its products and sweet potatoes when they have diarrhea, otherwise it may cause complications such as acute intestinal dilatation, ulcer and perforation due to gas filling in the intestine.

    P:The darling inside 1 year old does not suggest to eat salt and candy, oral rehydration salt can drink?(2020/7/7 15:16:23)

    The water content in the baby's body is more than 80%, plus the child has no good "self-help" ability to dehydration, once diarrhea will quickly lose a lot of fluids, dehydration symptoms of different degrees, serious dehydration even threaten life.

    Rehydration salt is a white crystalline powder that contains glucose and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chlorine, etc.), the same ingredients that your baby loses when he has diarrhea.

    Oral rehydration salt (Ⅲ) is one of the world health organization recommends hypotonic oral rehydration salts (ors), the rehydration velocity is four times that of water, not only can quickly replenish lost fluids and electrolytes for diarrhea, also can reduce the number of diarrhea, diarrhea, shorten the course of the disease. And it contains glucose, intestinal mucosa absorption of glucose at the same time can absorb a certain amount of sodium ions, so that the intestinal mucosa of intestinal fluid absorption increase, relieve symptoms of diarrhea.

    P:Can sugar and salt be used instead of Oral rehydration salts? What about other drinks?(2020/7/7 15:15:13)

    Sugar and salt water or other beverages are not recommended in place of Oral rehydration salts. Because the electrolyte in oral rehydration salts are strictly proportioned, and only when the proportion of water is accurate, can the rapid and safe rehydration effect be achieved.

    Sugar and salt water or other beverages are not recommended in place of Oral rehydration salts. Because the electrolyte in oral rehydration salts are strictly proportioned, and only when the proportion of water is accurate, can the rapid and safe rehydration effect be achieved.

    The biggest problem of homemade is that it is difficult to accurately grasp the proportion of sugar, salt and water, which may lead to more serious diseases. Besides, the sugar in rehydration salt is anhydrous glucose, while the white sugar at home is mostly sucrose, with a larger molecular weight than glucose and different components.

    Fruit juices and sports drinks are also not recommended. The World Health Organization recommends oral rehydration salts powder (III) as the first choice in case of diarrhea. The low-osmolar ratio can quickly correct dehydration and quickly replace lost water, electrolyte and other components.

    P:I suffer from slight mastitis and vaginitis after delivery. Doctors prescribed Bairui capsules, but are the symptoms of vaginitis not specified in the manual? (2020/7/6 16:59:59)

    Bairui capsules are purely made of thesium, which was firstly recorded in the Bencao Tujing (Illustrated Classics of Materia Medica) in 1062 that it was mainly useful for promoting lactation, particularly effective for removing blood stasis and regulating Qi.) They are used for treating and preventing female mastitis, so they can be utilized for treating mastitis that easily happens to mothers during breast-feeding, tonsillitis and trachitis. Bairui is effective for inhibiting infection, so it can be also used for treating womens vaginitis. With double effects, it can be used at ease. 

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